• Don't trade in good health for a mouthful of cavities.

    Yum-V Vitamins won't stick to your hands or teeth

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  • Easier to chew. Easier for you.

    Easy on the jaw and the teeth

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  • Just a Spoonful of Chocolate helps the Vitamins Go Down.

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  • Because real life can be tougher than a triathlon.

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  • The vitamins they need to save the world...

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Go-Jo Energy
Yum-V's Vitamins are made with pectin, a natural fiber that helps the body absorb the vitamins and minerals. Pectin also has a higher melting point than gelatin, which means our gummies won’t clump together in the bottle. Additionally, our proprietary production process uses a slow cook method to produce a softer jelly that won’t stick to your hand or teeth.

About Us

Our journey began when we started giving our children vitamins. They loved the gummies but we simply could not keep up with the resulting dental bills. After a tremendous amount of research and plenty of trial and error, we were finally able to create a natural gummy that was softer and didn't stick to your teeth. Using this concept of tasty and tooth friendly vitamins we also created a line of vitamin infused chocolates and the rest is history. So go ahead, have a gummy or chocolate and show us your healthy smile because that’s just as important as a healthy body.

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